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Contour2 Recorder Adapter for Helicopter

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Contour2 Recorder Adapter for Helicopter

The Video Recorder Audio Adapter allows you to record all transmissions (local and remote) from the helicopter intercom system to your external Contour+2 Video Camera. It’s great for creating your own aerial videos without excess cabin noise. It will record all of the audio transmitted through the intercom system, including in-cabin audio and ATC transmissions.

This is a special adapter made exclusively for use with the Contour+2 Video Camera. Most digital recorders have a 3.5mm AUX In for recording, however with the Contour+2 they use a 2.5mm port for recording. This adapter connects directly to the Contour+2 2.5mm port instead of a 3.5mm port.

Contour2 Recorder Adapter for Helicopter


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