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Product Description

The AA83 Stereo Crew Intercom is an expansion of the AA80 family. The AA83 InterMUSIC™ unit can support four stereo positions, and can be linked via the ICS Tie line to a rear AA82 passenger system, providing true split bus stereo operation for up to 10 users.

ICS Tie Line:
AEM’s exclusive feature allows the panel to be part of a complex multi-unit system as either a primary or secondary component.

Pilot/Split/All Modes:
In the split mode, the AA83 and AA82 become independent intercoms to support separate ICS groups.

Separate VOX controls for the pilot and crew/passengers.

Music/ICS Volume:
Adjusted on the front panel with individual controls.

Stereo Music:
The intercom is combined with a wide band stereo music processor and RX audio functions to provide an integrated communication system.

RX Volume, RX Balance, ICS Balance, Music Balance, Bass, Music Mute:
Adjustable internally.

AEM Intercoms (General):
Designed to satisfy demanding environments, Northern Airborne’s general aviation intercoms are high quality, rugged, compact, voice activated systems with many of the features found in larger commercial aircraft. AEM’s exclusive state of the art technology ensures clear, crisp communications throughout the aircraft without annoying clipping, which often occurs with relay-activated systems. All AEM panels are loaded with features that will satisfy most aircraft audio system requirements.

ANF (Active Noise Filtering):
This advanced technology helps to isolate the human voice while filtering out unwanted ambient noise entering the intercom channel. Clear, clean intercom communications result in a more comfortable and safe flight.

Quality Enhanced by SMT:
Our products use high quality components, including sealed gold contact switches, dry nitrogen filled/high vibration rated sealed relays, gold contact connectors and a fully masked, post coated, flame retardant circuit board. Each unit is temperature cycled and life tested.

Pilot Isolate Mode:
Separates the pilot from the system, allowing confidential radio communications without interference from passenger intercom or music.

Gradual Return of Music Mute:
Music muting is automatic during all radio and ICS activity. Upon conclusion of radio or ICS operation, the music gradually returns to its previous level.

Power Input:
11 – 32 VDC

Headset Output Power:
100mW into 600 ohms per channel, typical

Bicolor LED-ICS/TX Activity:
Indicates amber during ICS activity and green during transmit.

Pilot Priority Transmit Override:
Allows the pilot to override the co-pilot (or instructor to override the student) during radio transmissions.

Patented Individual Microphone Gating:
Aircraft noise is significantly reduced within the intercom through independent microphone circuits. By “turning on” only the active microphone, internal communications are quieter and less stressful.

Mounting Options:
Vertical or horizontal. See outline drawing 5-1 for dimensions.

Emergency Fail-Safe:
In the event of a power failure, the ICS is automatically by-passed and the pilot is routed directly to the radio audio system.

Short Circuit Protection:
Provided to ensure continued operation in the event of a headset failure.


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