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Product Description

The AA80 InterVOX is an advanced cockpit intercom system for general aviation flying. The InterVOX provides full boom-mic transmit and ICS operation for the pilot, co-pilot, and 2-4 passengers along with a pilot privacy function. AEM’s Transparent ICS mode makes it possible to transmit from ICS mode without additional switching. The AA80 uses AEM’s audio processing system to provide dynamic noise reduction and selective bandwidth, resulting in clean intercom audio regardless of the conditions. The high power and low distortion of the AA80 provides ensures volume for all types of headsets and conditions.

  • Full boom mic transmit and ICS for pilot, copilot, and up to four passengers
  • Includes pilot isolate function and stereo mute on transmit
  • Includes split bus operation, automatic emergency switching during power failure and protection from internal over-voltage and reversed voltage
  • Three faceplates included with unit to allow mounting horizontally, vertically, or in a standard clock/instrument hole


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