AEM AA83 STEREO INTERCOM/Crimp kit included


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The AA83-100 voice activated intercom provides communication and entertainment audio in full stereo to four headsets to the pilot, co-pilot, and two passengers. Additionally, the AA83 provides transceiver control to the pilot and co-pilot. This unit can also receive stereo music from portable entertainment units, such as CD players or other integrated, on-board systems.
Music automatically mutes when transmission or intercom operation is detected
Provides muting depth adjustment that allows the user to adjust the degree of muting on command during intercom transmission from completely muted music to gentle background music
Each microphone is individually gated for the best possible noise performance during VOX operation; the VOX threshold can be set using the front panel annunciator which also indicates transmit operation
Provides full boom-mic transmit and ICS functions for the pilot and copilot, as well as ICS and radio monitor operation for two additional passengers
Includes pilot priority on transmit and pilot isolation/fail-safe (direct connection to the aircraft radio system)
Can support PTT ICS operation for all users and can be wired to cyclic/yoke switches for both TX and ICS functions


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